Infrared saunas


Our saunas are designed for domestic use and include all the features that you can find in sports health clubs and spa resorts. Now you can have your own sauna at home for a heat treatment with the advantages of losing weight, a cleansing of the skin, and much more.

They are easily installed in your yard, a recreation room, small room or even your garage. Your sauna experience can be your well deserved respite from the stress of life, whether with family and friends or just enjoy it. The traditional sauna offers physical and mental rejuvenation and a general feeling of well-being.


  1. Sweet 1 place: 89x112x190cm ~ 1.355W stove
  2. Sweet 3/4 seats: 150x150x200cm ~ 4.500W stove
  3. Sweet 4/5 seats: 185x203x190cm ~ 3,000W stove
  4. White 2 places: 120x123x190cm ~ 1.890W stove
  5. Suprem 2/3 seats: 134x134x190cm ~ 1,980W stove
  6. Suprem 5 seats: 220x174x190cm ~ 2.890W stove

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