Salt for swimming pools


The treatment for swimming pools based on the salt electrolysis system is progressively gaining adherents. Disinfection is achieved by the incorporation of salt for swimming pools.

Salt electrolysis systems generate chlorine from the common salt dissolved in the water. The salt necessary for its operation must be added to the pool in a concentration of 4-6 g / L (6 times lower than that of seawater).

The addition of this must be done only once at the time of filling the pool. Although, small periodic replacements should be made due to water losses. Therefore, the maintenance of the water is done in an automated way, which saves time, as well as money, since it is not necessary to buy chemical products.

Saline chlorination is a process that turns our swimming pool into a real closed circuit where, with the elements present, they naturally disinfect it in a controlled manner.


Advantages of incorporating salt in disinfection for swimming pools

  1. You get higher quality bath water and a clearer and more natural water.
  2. Effective sanitary control of treated water.
  3. It is not necessary to buy chlorinated products (hypochlorite, trichloroisocyanuric, etc.).
  4. Does not irritate eyes or skin due to excess chlorine
  5. It does not smell like chlorine.
  6. Fully automated system.
  7. Safe and water saving system.
  8. Saves money by not purchasing chemical products for maintenance (chlorine).
  9. Salt for swimming pools generates a disinfection method that eliminates chloromines and microorganisms, which are not eradicated by conventional chlorination.

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