Variable Speed Pump Max-Flo XL VSTD Hayward


More silent

A great acoustic comfort thanks to the pump turning at lower revolutions. High speeds are only used for backwashers.

More effective

Thanks to its operation 24 hours a day:

Up to 88% savings in your electricity consumption

The total water volume of the pool must be renewed at least 3 times a day and represents the highest energy expenditure of a pool. For this reason, Hayward innovates again, with variable speed pumps. Principle: water circulates permanently at low speed. Result: the electric consumption decreases up to 88%.


... as the installation even in case of renewal. The user interface allows access to information and intuitive control of its 3 speeds.


  1. Low filtration speed: for normal operation 24 hours a day.
  2. High filtration speed: to treat a damaged water or to operate a suction cleaner.
  3. Fast speed: for maintenance operations (filter cleaning, emptying the pool, priming, ...).

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